AquaFX Cichlid Pellets Small Pellet 1kg (bulk)

Vitamins in AquaFX Foods Vitamin A – essential for proper growth reproduction resistance to infection and maintenance of mucus barriers. Required when ever fish are stressed.
Vitamin D – needed for the uptake transport and use of calcium and phosphorous.
Vitamin E – an antioxidant – prevents muscular dystrophy oedema of the heart and maintains blood vessel integrity. Correlated to hatching success.
Vitamin K – needed for the synthesis of blood clotting factors.
Choline Chloride – used by the liver to attach lipids to proteins and release them into the bloodstream. Used in cell membrane formation.
Inositol – is a type of glucose and is synthesized by all body cells.
B1 – thiamin – used in a range of enzyme reactions.
B2 – riboflavin – deficiency causes poor growth and anorexia. Used in many biochemical reactions in the cell of the animal.
B6 – Pyridoxine – used in the processing of amino acids in the cell. Necessary in the production of chemicals used in the brain.
B12 is necessary for the rapid synthesis of DNA during cell division.
Pantothenic Acid – used in cells for energy transfer and processing.
Niacin (nicotinic acid) – used in energy yielding and biosynthesis within the cell.
Biotin – used in the biosynthesis of fats.
Folate – used in the metabolism of amino acids (proteins) – and in the formation of DNA.

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