Protein Skimmer With Pump Up To 1500l Cap.

The MACRO PROTEIN SKIMMER is a high performance skimmer. Designed with a patented needle-wheel impeller and an aspirating venturi, the skimmer produces largest quantity of micro-bubbles into the main chamber. While bubbles rise, these fine bubble surfaces can attach and collect most fine proteins and organic compounds and then slide into collection cup before the break down in the water. This process gives the most efficiently skimming and a better environment in the aquarium.

Easy-twist collection cup: Easy-twist removable collection cup with drain line for quick and effortless cleaning

Water level Adjustment dial: Equipped with versatile water-level adjustment dial to easily stabilize water flow within the reaction chamber.

Air inlet The air inlet is designed with the silencer to assure of absolute silence during operation.

Dual 45°injection outlets: Dual 45°injection outlets increase contact time in the reaction chamber for maximum skimming efficiency .

Disassemble Exterior Bracket: Special designed disassemble exterior bracket to effortless maintenance and operation .

Bubble-production diffuser: Bubble-production diffuser filters and prevents the flow of micro-bubbles from the protein skimmer into the aquarium.

Patented Needle-wheel System: Patented Needle-wheel System with Aspirating Venturi enables the specially-designed impeller to mix the air into small micro-bubbles.

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