Wormout Gel 250ml

Water soluble bird wormer for use in water, or given directly to the bird via crop needle.

Active ingredients: 20g/L Praziquantel, 20g/L Oxfendazole

Recommended for: Use as an all wormer in birds.

Can Be Used With: Wormout Gel should not be mixed with other treatments or supplements.

Key features: Effectively kills all intestinal worms including roundworm, hookworm, caecal worm, thread worm, and tapeworm. Completely safe and can be mixed with a small amount of orange juice for fussy drinkers.

Drinking water dose: dilute Wormout Gel with water recommended dose rate, provide this as the sole source of water for 2 days, and then repeat once every 3 months.
All aviary birds – Add 2mL of Wormout Gel to 160mL of drinking water.
Pigeons – Add 2mL of Wormout Gel to 320mL of drinking water.
Crop Needle Dose: Use a small syringe for accurate dosing. Carefully dilute 1mL of Wormout Gel in 9mLs of water to make 10mL of

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