Canary Red Factor Food 450g

Completely balanced extruded crumble diet specifically designed to meet the particular dietary needs of pet and breeding canaries. It is formulated to promote health, vigour, breeding and solid colour in red Canaries. Contains colour enhancers such as canthaxanthin and capsicum.

Encourages stronger singing and healthier young in breeding birds. Breeding birds require extra nutrition to enable them to lay fertile eggs and rear healthy chicks. Red Factor Food contains extra protein, vitamins and minerals to support reproduction in show quality Canaries.

Recommended for: Red Factor Canaries. Ideal nutrition for both pet and breeding canaries.

Also suitable for: All other canary species (Red Factor food will only enhance red colouration in red factor canaries).

Feeding: Red Factor Food should be fed as the main component of the diet to provide the nutrition and colour factors necessary for the full colouration and breeding of red factor canaries. To maintain the red colouration of the feather it is necessary to feed Red Factor Food continually.

Other foods such as greens, hard boiled egg, or soaked seed should be provided as

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